Two weeks ago I found out I passed the Georgia bar exam.  And thankfully, at the same time, avoided the embarrassment of being the girl who passed the California bar exam, but failed the Georgia bar exam.  Whew!  And then I shared this with my sister a few days later to celebrate.  I mean, I […]

Let’s pretend I kept traveling after returning from South America in December.  Maybe I visited that Mayan pyramid in Belize before people “accidentally” ruined it and took the limestone to repair ROADS.  Or maybe I didn’t. I don’t have to pretend about my recent visit to Milwaukee to see an old friend, nor our day […]

I finished the Georgia bar exam today.  And then I opened this.   And now I need to figure out what to do with my life.  Tomorrow.

Shifting gears a little (A LOT), I’m now preparing for studying for the Georgia bar exam.  I’ve been floundering the last few days, trying to remember how I ever studied for, let alone passed, the California bar exam 4.5 years ago.  But my state bar dues, CLE requirements and fancy certificates all indicate that I […]

And that’s how many pictures I took from September 6 until December 13.  Six more weeks in South America than Europe, but only 759 more pictures – 39.7 pictures/day in South America, 52.9 pictures/day in Europe.  I guess I was doing more living and less snapping in South America.  I’m okay with that.  Here are […]

It’s totally unfair, but I was lazy forgot to post about Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay.  After the holidays, it seems even less real that I was there just 4 weeks ago.  But I was, honest.   I arrived in Colonia via bus from Punta del Este.  It’s a gorgeous, quiet, little town, and despite the […]

Upon leaving Patagonia, I had a little stopover in Buenos Aires. While there, I planned a previously unplanned week in Uruguay. Simply because it’s so funny, I share the following… While planning, I was comparing the price of flying to Punta del Este against the price of taking the ferry over and then the bus […]

November 30 – Me to Kristie as we finished our trek across Perito Moreno Glacier and they handed us each a glass – “What’s the deal with glaciers and whiskey in this country?”* You see, while on the boat trip to see Grey Glacier while still in Torres del Paine a couple of days previous, […]

As we were entering Torres del Paine National Park in Southern Chile, I commented to Kristie -something to the effect of – this reminds me of the Truman Show; I’m not sure it’s real. And after leaving, I’m still not sure it was all real. I’m going to have to go back someday to make […]

This seems ages ago now and I wish we were doing it all over again. We arrived in El Chalten the evening of November 20. On November 21, we hit the ground running (or hiking, as it were). For our first hike, we chose the path out to Laguna Torre and Glacier. The path conveniently […]